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Yes, I decided to start a blog. Too many times my mind has been teeming with things I want to say, but would be too long to post in a facebook status. Maybe it won’t last, maybe I’ll get big into it, but who knows. This may not be interesting, it may not be worth anything, but I want to type out my thoughts. So…here it goes

Early on in May, I got extremely excited because I was oh-so-ready for a new phone. What you all need to understand is that I’ve always had terrible luck with phones. I always end up choosing the new fad, or something that looks really cool without doing my research and based solely off of looks and new, neat gadgets. “Not this time”, I told myself. Of course, like half of the world, I found myself in the iPhone vs. Android battle. I did my research on both phones. The iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S3, and both phones had things the other did not. I made the decision to get an iPhone.

Elated at my decision, I called Verizon to discuss cancelling my contract and switching to AT&T with my husband. I was unfortunately informed that my contract isn’t technically up until September. That May was just my upgrade date. Since I was aching for a new cell phone, I tried to reason with Wade, but it was to no avail. I was told I would either have to pay a fee or wait. Sadly, I decided to wait.

As time went on over the month, my iPhone/Android battle grew strong with in me. I posed a question on the Facebook asking my peers which they preferred. It was 50/50. No help.

So, here’s my issue. After speak with a few people, I was once again, convinced to get an iPhone. When I spoke of everything I wanted out of my phone, I was told not to compromise. If the iPhone has everything I want, get it. If I want to compromise, get the Samsung Galaxy S3. So I figured, Okay, I’ll wait for the iPhone5s to come out in September because that’s when my contract expires. It’s perfect.

Now I’m hearing that the release date won’t be until October. Call me impatient if you’d like, but my phone is a piece of shit. I’m fighting every ounce of myself not to just pay the $80 fee and get a new phone now. I can’t even hold a charge all day anymore even when half the time it just sits on the table or in my locker at work. It’s done. It’s dead to me. A phone that I had coveted for over a year has taken a turn on me and I feel that it’s sole purpose out of it’s short life is just to irritate me. I can barely send text messages without my current phone shutting off. It makes random calls in my pocket or purse, it sends random text messages, it shuts off in the middle of phone calls, and last night, when I was on the phone with a friend, at the start of the conversation I had a full battery. Thirty minutes in, my phone beeped telling me it was about to die. What the fuck! Really?

My husband upgraded his phone to Samsung Galaxy Tab, and quite honestly it’s a pretty fucking sweet piece of machinery. BUT it’s entirely too big for my taste. He’s spent days trying to convince me to not get an iPhone, then again, I’ve had other people tell me not to do Android, but to do iPhone.

I’m torn. And over something so silly too, but the thing is, as sad as it may sound, your phone holds your life. It holds your contacts, your pictures, your emails, your games, your music, and your schedule. Should I really have to compromise on what my phone is. Will I ever really be satisfied with the robotic piece of technology I carry with me everywhere? Do I REALLY need my phone to talk to me? Hell, Nokia phones might be dinosaurs, but they still work. Where are the simpler days when we never really needed to rely  on something so small to complete our daily lives. Yes, it’s convenient. Yes, it’s neat. But do I really REALLY need all the extra baggage that comes with a smart phone? Nowadays the standard ones don’t cut it. They don’t hold battery charge, they don’t last as long, they constantly need to be replaced. But why do I need to spend $200 on a cell phone that will be replaced in 2 years?

I’ll probably get an iPhone….fuck you, Apple and your stupid neat inventions….