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This might be a little boring, so buckle up.

I came home today after a long, tiring, busy day at work. My husband had asked me to bring home sushi and beer. I did so, even though unwillingly, and came home to find the house a complete disaster.

Now don’t get the wrong idea here. HE didn’t do this, WE did. Before I got a job when we first moved here, I was really good about doing the dishes, making a new meal every night, and cleaning house. Forgive me, but honestly the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is clean. It’s not like we have mold growing in our sink or a disgusting build up of dirt on the floor, but to be perfectly honest, I haven’t done the dishes in a week. And the house cleaning? Forget about it.

I feel lazy. I know the house should be clean, I’m disgusted when I come home because there’s so much clutter. The hubby even took the initiative one afternoon while I was at work to straighten up a little, but there’s a matter of windexing the windows, mopping the floor, our offices need to be straightened up, bathrooms probably should be scrubbed down, etc., that didn’t get done. To the untrained eye, our house looked clean, but I’m a trained eye, and I know where to look. All the little things, like a spill, or dust noticed, or a bitch dog pissing on the floor, that should be cleaned pronto to avoid feeling like it needs to be scrubbed later, hadn’t been done.

AGAIN, don’t get the wrong idea. If the puppy peed on the floor, or something was spilled, it was wiped up right away with a paper towel, and then wiped with a clorox wipe. It’s just that after something like that happens I probably could have taken the 5 seconds to swiffer it up with a wet pad, but I didn’t, and now I feel like it’s probably teeming with bacteria when it most likely isn’t.

So this is me whining. Why does house cleaning have to be so much work? Why can’t I be Samantha, wiggle my nose, and have the house look shiny and clean. I’m not afraid to work. I’m not afraid to get dirty or get my hands wet, I just hate doing it all. I think that’s mostly because I don’t really feel like all the tasks should be split up, they should all be done at once. I don’t mind helping other people clean their homes, so why do I find it so hard to clean my own? Is it because when I actually do clean I put such an effort into it that I get exhausted? I’m not joking here, when I say “I put such an effort into it.” I’m quite literally sore from head to toe when I’m finished with what I feel like is a sufficient amount of cleaning. And I mean CLEANING, not just straightening up. I’m talking, down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor kind of cleaning. And once I get started I can’t stop.

Take today for instance. At the start of the day I had every intention of coming home and cleaning the house and doing the dishes so the hubby would have a nice clean home (to mess up) while I was gone. While I was at work, I told my coworker that I honestly felt like i had done a sufficient amount of working out based solely on how much I was sweating. Let me put it to you this way, I had to go buy a new shirt because the one I had one was filthy from sweat, dust, and dirt. By the time I got home I wanted 4 things: to sit, eat my sushi, drink a beer, and not move the rest of the night. WELL, there goes my cleaning plan. NOW I have to shove all this house work PLUS packing for a week long trip into one day which happens to be the only day the hubby and I have off together, and I can’t afford to put it off. I’m just going to have to work at super speed I guess.

I am after all Superwoman, and I can do anything you can do (mostly).