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Fair warning: there are a few “F Bombs” in this one…

How fitting is it that only 2 weeks after my post about how technology runs our lives, that my iPod is stolen? What gets me about this even more, is that it was in my hometown. I don’t think I’ve ever locked my doors in Sturgis, SD. I was getting ready for bed last night and realized my iPod was still in my parents car. I disregarded this, left a note for my mother asking her to get my iPod out of the car before she left in the morning, and went to bed.

This morning my father went to check how much gas was in each of the vehicles to see if we’d be taking the car or the Jeep. I asked him to grab my iPod, but he didn’t do this because he decided we’d take the car. I got into the car, and no iPod. Not only was my iPod missing, but the AUX cable and my mother’s iPod were gone. In it’s place, I’m assuming mistakenly put there, was a hand held camcorder. Upon further investigation and thought, my father realized that the gas cap on the Jeep was off. Police were notified, my anger began.

I don’t feel like my life is over because my iPod is gone. What’s irritating to me is the fact that it was stolen. It was the first Christmas gift I got from my husband, I had pictures on there that can’t be replaced, games that I paid for, and all my music that I converted from CD to iTunes. At this point I’m more concerned that the culprits will figure out my iTunes password and start purchasing things. I told my father that another aspect of this that I find irritating is the fact that it was only the iPods that were taken out of the car. The TomTom remained on the floor. What I gather from this is that they purposefully went looking for iPods, which in turn says to me, that they were looking to pawn them, or sell them. Thus, everything on said iPod will be erased.

Now, I might not be HUGE into gaming, but my husband got me started on more video games than I ever imagined. I downloaded Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, and Cut the Rope. I’m pretty far into all three games, and now I have to start all of them over…that is if I ever get my iPod back. There were pictures on there that hadn’t gone onto my computer yet. The first pictures of our house, our dogs, the area. It pisses me off to no end that someone has nothing better to do with their time than steal other peoples belongings.

My mother took it upon herself to watch the videos that were recorded on the camcorder that they stupidly left in car, and when the cop showed up at the house, he recognized the individuals in the video, and assured my mother they would be prosecuted. This makes me feel a little better, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get that part of my life back. I understand that theft is an on-going problem in this country, and it’s been an on-going problem with humanity since the beginning of forever. Animals steal from other animals, babies steal from other babies, kids raid cars and steal out of cars, adults do it too. We have this concept of “I like it, I saw it first, it’s mine,” and can’t help ourselves but to just take it without a second thought. These kids waited until we were asleep and broke into the car, and stole from us. My mother doesn’t have as much riding on hers because it’s just an iPod Nano, but my identity is riding on this one. I had the iPod touch. If they figure out my password/account information/credit card information, my identity could be stolen, my credit card could be used, in essence, I’m fucked if they figure any of that out. Plain and simple.

These boys are going to make money off of my life because they have nothing better to do with theirs. Today I hate people. The entire human race is on my shit list right now. You are not protected from my wrath today. My attitude may change by the time I get home, but right now I hate everyone. We thrive off of each other’s misery, and want to butt into everyone’s business. We steal, we cheat, we lie, we hate. I know there are decent people out there, I’ve been these decent people. I’ve talked to these decent people, but they are so far and few between that it gets frustrating going day to day trying to discern who’s who. Are you a good person or a bad person? Do you think you’re a good person but in actuality you’re a bad person? You can’t be both good and bad. BUT like I said, it doesn’t matter because today I hate you. I’ll get over it, either by 6:15 when my flight lands, by the time I get some actual coffee in my fucking system, or maybe tomorrow.

It doesn’t feel right getting on the plane in such a shitty mood. I can’t even listen to music on any of the flights I’m taking to get back to Charleston because my fucking iPod is gone. I wouldn’t mind reading, but I was set on listening to music and sleeping the entire flight to Minneapolis. I was going to play games. I’m fucking irritated.

I hope they catch these kids. I hope the cops find a shit load of stolen goods in these kids’ possession. I hope these kids go to jail. I hope it goes on their permanent record. I hope their friends no longer trust them. I hope they get whats coming to them. I hope they get their asses kicked by their parents, their peers, and the inmates they’ll encounter. There’s a scene in “What Happens in Vegas” where the best friend talks about wanting to go up to Cameron Diaz’s character’s fiance’s house, knock on the door, and when he opens, she’ll be knelt on the floor and just BAM! Nut punch. And when he’s curled up in a ball, crying on the floor, he’ll say “Why!?” and her response will be “You know why.” You have no idea how badly I want to do that to these kids. I just want to give it my full force with a horrid nut punch. I want to bring these kids to their knees and tears.

I’m aware this is probably not the appropriate response to a stolen iPod, but what can you do. I’m aware it’s not the “christian way,” but anger has taken over me. I get this way when I witness people stealing from a store. I get this way when I find empty packages in wrappers in stores that I don’t even work in. Why would some one do that? The guilt alone would kill me. I’d turn myself in before I was caught, but no, not these people. Because these people are fucking idiots. Especially the ones that have been caught multiple times and still continue to do what their doing…fucking idiots. I just don’t understand the stealing aspect of any of these people’s lives. They all know that at some point they’re going to get too comfortable and get lazy and get fucking caught. So why not just skip all of that and give up? The biggest part of it I don’t understand are the people that get caught red-handed, because they leave behind evidence or they’re caught on camera, they go to jail, get out the next day, and are caught doing the same fucking thing they were just incarcerated for not 24 hours earlier. FUCKING IDIOTS. Selfish assholes. That’s what they are. They could give a fuck less about anyone else around them, they do it for their own selfish needs. Whether it’s because they get a rush out of it or they think they’re going to make money doing it. Either way, you can’t have a valid reason for stealing that would justify it in the mind of any court.

Like I said…I fucking hate people today….and by the way…I did give you all a fair warning…just saying