The hubby and I found out that the best theft deterrent is a door that opens out and not in. Some one tried to break into the house a couple nights ago.

I came home late from work to find the hubby standing outside with a very serious look on his face. I got out of the car and he asked what was wrong. He told me he was about 100% sure that some one had tried to break into the house. He left through the outside patio door to take Teemo on a walk around the block, and when he came home he found the door had been pushed in with a force. The screen was broken, the frame was broke, the top half of the door was pushed in and the door was stuck. Luna was out back, but there’s no way a tiny puppy could have done that amount of damage. It was too high, and she’s not that strong.

Tonight, I came home, took the dogs out, and caught a glimpse of the door. I stood there and looked at it quizzically, remembering that the door had only been pushed in at the top, and noticed that it was no longer indented at the top, but now looked like it had been kicked in at the bottom. On top of which, the handle of the door was bent outward as if someone tried to pull on it. My conclusion was that the same thief tried to get in through the same door, still being an idiot tried to push it open. Said thief then realized that it was, in fact, a pull door, and tried to pull on it, but was too stupid to realize they had busted the door and it wouldn’t open no matter what.

I just got done speaking with security forces, and they think it’s someone in the neighborhood that recognizes our schedule and waits until neither one of us is home to try to enter our house.

I don’t quite understand what it is we have that they want. I get that we give off the appearance we have money, but we, like a majority of the country, are feeling the hurt of the economic down slide. Sure we’re not living on the street or anything like that, but I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we have to be really careful with the way we spend our money. I understand that it looks like we have a lot of it because we have some expensive looking electronics, a nice car, a PT Cruiser (that is currently out of order), and an old accord. Really though, what do they want? What I find interesting, is that my iPod was stolen and now someone is trying to break into the house. I know these things are happening states away from each other, but I’m just noting the fact that I have awful luck.

My current problem, is that I don’t know how to defend myself. Period. I may talk tough, but I know nothing about guns. I’m not sure I know how to use pepper spray properly, and I can’t fight worth a damn. I need to take some self defense classes, and I’m well aware of it. Especially because we live in such a friendly area.

It was one thing when cigarettes went missing. We solved that. We would keep our smokes inside at the end of the night. It’s a whole other thing to cause damage to our property. To me, stealing cigarettes off of someone’s patio, while wrong, is harmless, but when you cause damage to someone else’s property, that says something else entirely. That says you’re aiming to take something more than cigarettes. To me that says that you’re willing to cause harm to anyone who gets in your way. I’m thankful that security forces showed up more quickly this time. I’m thankful that they’re taking initiative to patrol the area more at night, but what if this happens during the day? What if this happens in the wee hours of the morning? Then what? What if SF gives up because they don’t see anything suspicious because the culprit(s) is/are waiting for SF to give up? These houses are old, and obviously it doesn’t take much force to enter the homes.

I’m disappointed and flat out disgusted that not only is this happening in base housing, its more than likely someone who lives in the community.

People suck.