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This one won’t be too exciting. I just need to write down my thoughts on cleaning the house before the in-laws come tomorrow.

I have a lot of stuff that needs to be done since I’ve been spending a bulk of my time not straightening up the house and being preoccupied with wedding crafts. On a side note, I’m still a little irritated that I have 20 unaddressed envelopes sitting on my table. I really want to send those out but I haven’t heard from any of them so I guess they aren’t going out and those people just won’t be invited.

When I clean, I commit to it. It’s not just a random straightening up, which what I would love for it to be. No, it’s a down on my hands and knees, sweating my ass off, deep cleaning every time I do it. Maybe that’s why I don’t like cleaning so much. I feel especially unmotivated to clean today because the hubby made a joke that came out totally wrong. He said he was teasing me but what he said was “Clean the fucking house.” It rubbed me the wrong way. I told him it rubbed me the wrong way, and he apologized and explained he was joking. I’ve had conversations with him and my friend Rena explaining that I can be happy little housewife and clean and cook and do laundry, but the minute you tell me something like that or tell me I can’t/am not allowed to do something you can go fuck yourself. Sorry…it’s just how I feel. I understand that he worked 12 hours, but in any other situation, if he came home and saw the house a mess he could have taken that opportunity to at least put his stuff away, but no. Sophie peed in Luna’s bed this morning. You know where it’s sitting? Not in the washer like it should be. Nope. He just put it in my office so that the smell of cat piss is resonating through the whole room. Awesome. Whatever. I’m going to be in a sour mood until I get down and dirty with the coping cleaning.

In order to get myself motivated I need to make a coherent list so that I know what all I need to do, in the order it needs to be done, so that I can make it through the day without ripping someone’s innards out. So here it is, a list of all the things I need to do today and things that I think should be done in every day house cleaning. I really want to make a list of things that should be done every day, every week, and every month. Instead, I do it all twice a month at one time.

  • Pick up trash from around the house.
  • Gather everyone’s things into respective piles and put said things in rooms/offices (this is where Crap Baskets would be useful. In fact, I’m pretty sure the next time I get paid, I’m going to Wal-Mart and buying each of us a basket for shit that’s just laying around the house)
  • Do the dishes. (unload/load/wash)
  • Gather trash from offices, rooms, and bathrooms. (generally I save taking out the trash until I’m absolutely 100% done)
  • Get any dirty clothes left in the bathroom and put in their correct hamper portion
  • Sweep the entire house (including bathrooms). (I hate this because we have tile floors. No carpet anywhere. so..I have to follow it up with…..)
  • Dry Swiffer the whole house to pick up anything that my have been left behind
  • Sweep again
  • Swiffer again
  • Mop the whole house
  • Get on hands and knees in the kitchen and take a disinfectant wipe to the grout between the tiles to get anything that may have been missed by the mop.
  • Finish the dishes
  • Dust all appliances and furniture
  • After dusted, clean with a wet cloth or my favorite for the furniture, Swiffer Dust and Shine
  • Sweep and mop laundry room.
  • Go through refrigerator and clean out all expired food.
  • Scrub the kitchen counters and kitchen sink
  • Deep clean the stove
  • Straighten up decorations.
  • Replace any air fresheners that need it.
  • Scrub the bathroom sinks, toilets, showers and bath tubs
  • Replace towels
  • Windex all windows throughout the house.

To add to all of this, I need to clean up a few piss puddles from our bitch cat, straighten up my office so we can put the air mattress in there for my mother-in-law to sleep in, find some extra pillows and blankets for her and my brother-in-law, and clean our patio. I’m not looking forward to any of this. Chances are I won’t eat today because I’ll be too effing preoccupied cleaning the damn house. And you know what the hubby is doing? Sleeping, because he got off work at 6am. So I have to do all of this is super-extra-quiet mode so I don’t disturb him. Again I reiterate what I said in previous blogs. My husband is NOT lazy. I get that he just wants to relax when he comes home from work and not do anything productive, I get it, but I just wish he was awake so I got some kind of help. And it does piss me off a little about the dog bed, but I’m not going to dwell on it.

Hmph…I can’t wait to be covered in cleaning chemicals from head to toe.

*added 5 hours later

Now that I’ve calmed myself down and gotten some work done, I have to say that I feel bad about what I said about the hubby. He isn’t lazy. He’s super helpful when he can be, but it’s just in a situation like this I got irritated because there are people coming over and he had to go to bed. I was lashing out when I shouldn’t have been. Any other time he would have helped if I had asked him to help. I get that working 12 hours shouldn’t be a reason because I should get help, but the poor man was outside for 12 hours on his feet, in the blistering heat and only a 15 minute break. Any other time we’ve had company and I’ve asked him to do something for me he’s done it. It was inappropriate for me to get upset with him just because his joke came off as more of a demand than a joke. I’m not making excuses for him for making that joke, but we both are at fault here. I worked off some aggression through vigorous scrubbing and feel a whole hell of a lot better. I took some shortcuts in my cleaning and I’ll probably piss myself off later when I find something that wasn’t done, but I’ve been at it for 5 hours and I’m spent.

I’m short tempered…I accept that. Lets all move on and finish our days in peace 🙂