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The hubby and I had a talk this morning while he was lying in bed. We were cuddling, just talking. He said something about how, when we got married, my sister had made a comment about how he levels me out.

I started thinking about this and how true it was. I can get down right effing crazy sometimes and super stressed out. Miss Rena understands this. It must be a Virgo thing. Anyway, he does balance me out. So in my thought process I started thinking about the night we met, and the circumstances under which we met.

The picture above was taken the night in question I’m about to mention. Rena had asked me to go out with her to a bar in Rapid when I got off work. It was her, her now husband, and some friends. I wasn’t too wild about the idea, but I hadn’t seen Rena in a while, she persisted, so I told her obligingly “ugh…okay. But only for a couple of hours and then I’m going home.” I started wondering what if I had stuck to my guns and said “no absolutely not. I’m not going anywhere. I’m tired. I want to just stay home.” Would I have not met the hubby? If we had met would it have been under different circumstances?

Truth be told, I decided to go because she told me she thought a certain someone (else) would be there, and he wasn’t. Right when I was about to give up and go home, she insisted I stay to meet this guy that her hubby was going to pick up from their apartment building. Again, I sucked it up and said “yeah okay, fine.” We were standing in the entrance to The Hotel Alex Johnson, she insisted I would just love this guy because he was funny, he was good time that I needed to stay, and just then, her hubby and this guy came walking in the door. They said a brief “hey we’re here” and then proceeded to the bar to get drinks.

When they walked past, I looked at her and said “Actually, he’s kinda cute.” “SO STAY!” she said. So I did. We didn’t really talk at first. I was shy. He was shy, which was apparently not his MO. Our first conversation, I at least think I referenced in another blog, was about coffee tables. I left that night with a smile on my face, hopeful, and glad I stayed. I texted her when I got back home and told her that I thought he was cool and I wanted to hang out again. She responded saying that his response when I left was “She’s cool. She was cute, like in a geeky way. Not in a bad geeky way, but adorable.” This made my smile grow bigger. We made plans for the following Sunday to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He paid for my ticket, he opened doors, we shared a soda. It was very 50’s picturesque.

Since he didn’t have a phone at the time the only way for me to get a hold of him was through the Facebook. So I did. We talked more. He came up later that week to walk downtown since it was the Rally. We went and saw Def Leppard. He came to visit me 3 more times that week. I was still very guarded because I was unsure about him, but so far it was good. Really good.

One thing led to another, we went on a date on our own without the Miss Rena and her hubby, and he then felt comfortable to pop a question on me. We were sitting outside in his car and he said “Hey, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and can I ask you a question?” My heart started to pound, a smile formed on my face, and I said “sure.” He said “So we’ve been spending a lot of time together, and I was wondering, do you want to try the whole ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ thing?” All I could do was smile and nod. Inside I was screaming “of course you idiot!” We kissed. We went inside and watched a movie and hung out with his roommate. From there we went on many more dates, he met my parents, he helped my sister move into her new apartment, we went to Miss Rena’s wedding together.

Then came the birthday party. Miss Rena’s birthday and my own birthday are a week apart, so we requested the boys throw us a princess birthday party. We didn’t think they’d pull it off, but my goodness did they ever. It was awesome. It was in that moment at the beginning of the night, when I walked into his apartment before we all went out to dinner that a thought bubble popped up in my head with a little question mark. “Could he be the one?” He bought me some outstanding birthday presents, he had drawn me a bath with candles all around, put on a movie, and let me relax in the bath tub before we all went out. I was astounded mostly because no other boyfriend that I had in the past had gone to this great of lengths to showed he cared about me. He hadn’t pushed the sex issue. He bought me flowers just because. I could tell he cared about me.

A whole lot happened in a very short time, but everyone could see we were both unbelievably happy. I met his family, and the rest of that story about our trip is in It Took Him This Long to Propose? By the time we had both came out and said that we loved one another, we admitted that neither of us wanted to be the first one to say it even though we both had inadvertently said it before. One of my friends, before she met the hubby, as I was telling her about him, teared up and said “you guys are so perfect for each other. He’s given you the fairy tale that everyone deserves. He treats you like a princess and I can tell just from hearing you talk about him that you’re head over heels in love with him”

It all sounds sappy I know, but truth be told he did give me a fairy tale. It may have been a short dating period, but I refuse to listen to anyone when they say we moved to fast. I had never been so sure about something in my whole life. I’m not sitting here and saying our relationship is perfect, but this man has given me more than I ever imagined or knew that someone could give to another human being.

When we started to get serious, I had people talking about me and my relationship with the hubby. Saying it wouldn’t last, we moved to quick, something about him just chasing a white picket fence and me just being lonely, etc, etc. It was a lot of negativity, that at the time pissed me off because no one knew or knows our relationship like we do. I’m here to prove you all wrong. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with a more wonderful man and that’s fact. He gets me. As he put it, “I’m the yin to your yang.” I’m not going to say that we won’t eventually fight, but so far, all we’ve had are small arguments, or heated discussions as I like to call them. It hasn’t been a knock-down-drag-out fight. We’re both of the opinion that yelling at each other will solve nothing. That fighting and not listening won’t resolve the issue. We’re at point right now that we know if we’re upsetting the other so we stop the conversation and pick it up later that day when we’ve both been able to collect our thoughts on the matter. There have been times that I’ve gotten frustrated and had to gather my thoughts before I even brought it up because I knew if I did right then and there it probably would have turned into a fight and nothing would have been resolved because neither one of us would have been willing to listen to the other. I know he’s done the same. We have a system and it works.

We have open communication with each other. We don’t take each other for granted, and we can never say “I love you” enough. I’ve been told it’s tough work being married, but I’m willing to work through whatever obstacle is put in our way in the future. I get the feeling he views it the same way. He’s told me before that it takes a lot to really piss him off. He’ll get irritated, as I do with him, but I don’t think either of us have been genuinely pissed off at the other. He keeps me in check. I keep him in check. We compliment each other’s humor and have a mutual trust.

Plain and simple fact, I’m glad I went out to the bar that night. I’m glad he bought me that movie ticket. I’m glad I even met Miss Rena, not only because she introduced me to my hubby, but because she’s become one of my best friends. He’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. He’s made me more thankful for life, and less uptight about small problems. I’m thankful for him and for him being my life. He’s made me feel like a princess, and that anything is possible.

I feel like all I need are the glass slippers, a big dress, and a pumpkin. Not the talking mice though. Talking mice would freak me out. But I can’t imagine that glass slippers would be all the comfortable either…who cares you get my point.

Thanks for reading 🙂