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We’re on Main Street in Sturgis. We’re travelling by foot now. We’re not entirely sure where we’re headed, just away from the apartment. Daylight quickly turns dark, and we retreat inside my parents’ friend’s house, in rapid. The whole house is in a panic. People are yelling at each other about what needs to be done to get Adam and Cyndi.

I sit there silently on the couch for a few minutes until I pipe up “Let’s just go get them. We’re all armed. Why does it matter?”

Immediately, all 6 people silenced themselves and looked at me astonished. My mother walks over to me and slaps me hard. I just sat there stone faced, staring across the room. Gasps resonated through the room. “They got themselves into this mess, they can get themselves out,” she said.

“They went to get us food, Mother. They didn’t just go galavanting out around town.”

Adam’s mother spoke up, “She’s right. They went out for all of us.”

My mother stood next to me glaring at everyone. She picked up a vase and threw it across the room, then stomped through the house, slamming a door behind her. No one said anything, or even moved until I silently stood, grabbed a shot gun, and went outside. No one stopped me. I took a drink of beer from a bottle that was sitting on the porch, then threw it into the field to test if there was anything around. I hear a rustle and brace myself with the shot gun. I look from right to left trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. I hear it again. It moves closer and my heart beats faster. I back up slowly to the front door, one hand on the trigger, one hand on the door knob.

The noises grow louder and closer, I turn to run inside when a yellow Labrador retriever comes running up the steps. I get confused because he looks like Vincent from LOST. We apparently know this dog because I take him inside. Still, no one says anything. I break the ice and say “I’m going. Whoever wants to come can, if not then I’ll see you guys in a few hours. They shouldn’t be punished because everyone else wants to be selfish.” I wait patiently, hoping someone will volunteer, and no one does. “Okay then,” I say, and make my way back outside.

As I’m walking down the street, with a shot gun strapped to my back and a handgun in the back of my jeans, I pull my sweater tight around me, fastening it with the belt. It’s a chilly night. They should be scarce, I think. I make it to the store without seeing a single one them. Luck, that was all it was. As I reached the grocery store, I could feel the temperature rise a little, and know I’ll have to be quick.

I see Cyndi’s car sitting in the parking lot, surrounded by dead bodies. They clearly put up a fight. The automatic doors of the store had been pried open. I walk through the doorway and need to cover my nose. The smell of rotting flesh and molded food permeated through the air. Broken bottles and exploded cans littered the floor along with broken boxes of cereal. I try not to step on anything so as not to make noise.

I spy Cyndi and Adam, lying on the floor in the breakfast aisle. Tears fill my eyes, and my hand reaches up to my mouth in disbelief. I kneel down and brush the hair out of Cyndi’s face, and she squirms awake. I jump backwards, falling on my behind, and cock my gun. “What the fuck, Kelley! Put that down!”

“Oh my God! I thought you were dead!” We hug, and I update her. “We made it to their house, but by the time we got there, you two were already gone. They said it had been hours and were confused that you were still gone. They said you two volunteered to go raid the store because you were the only ones with a car.” She told me that her and Adam had wed a week ago, but they only did it to “join forces to fight off the undead.” When they had made it to the abandoned grocery store, the car they were in had been raided by several zombies. When they had fought their way through and made it inside, they were both so tired, they fell asleep while picking out food.

We woke Adam up and prepared ourselves. The sun was rising, and we knew they’d be everywhere. We’d have to run. “Are you guys ready for this?” They nodded in agreement. “What’s rule #1?” They looked at me quizzically, and I smirked. “Cardio, duh.” We got ourselves a good chuckle and made our way outside. We made it the first few blocks at a fast past before we saw anything.

As we were rounding a corner to cross a bridge, we saw the dismembered body of a young, blond woman. “That wasn’t there on my way to find you guys.” We took our next few steps carefully.

“I think I heard something,” Cyndi said quietly. Adam took a position behind us and started walking backwards, looking for signs of anything.

“We need to pick up the pace, guys. The sun is coming up, and it’s getting warmer. Our best bet is to book it and get inside. Being careful like this and taking our time will only put us in harms way.” I returned the gun to my back, and picked up a large branch. “I want to save the ammo. Find something to fight them off with that isn’t a gun” They both looked around until Adam found a tire iron, and Cyndi found a bat.

“Let’s get ready to run,” I said. We counted to three and started to sprint. We turned another corner and stopped dead in our tracks when we saw two of them dragging their feet down the street. We didn’t make a single noise, except to back up cautiously. I took in the sight of both of them. A torn shirt, gray, rotting flesh, matted hair, and bloody mouths. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and whipped around to reveal a newly reincarnated woman. She cocked her head at me, and her yellow eyes seemed to whisper her anger at me. Her skin was still pink, and hair bright yellow. She hissed at me, and readied herself to lunge. “Fuck this! Turn your heads. I’m ending this bitch,” I yelled, and in a swift motion threw the branch to the ground and grabbed the hand gun from pants. I turned my head and shot her square between the eyes.

We pushed our ways through the streets, knocking each zombie victim out of our way. One of them, mangled at the waist, dragging himself through the streets, grabbed my ankle and pulled me down. I kicked him in the nose and he went flying backwards. Adam picked me up by one arm and threw me over his shoulder. “I’ll put you down when we get to a safer spot. Cyndi! Move it!”

We turned the corner and the house was in view. “Adam! Put me down.”

“Not yet!” he yelled at me. I faltered and I felt it.

“Now Adam! Just let me go I’ll get up on my own.” He stumbled again and finally put me down. “Run! I’ll catch up.” As I was getting to my feet, both of them passed me by. I jumped up, and ran to catch up with them. I could see both of them in the distance make their way up the stairs of the porch and rush inside. I strained to finish the last few steps of my run home. I looked back and saw five of them behind me.

As I make it to the stairs, I trip over a stone on the side walk and I felt my leg snap. I rolled over to look at the damage and pain seared through my lower leg. I can see two of them had caught up to me and one was about to lunge. I fumbled for my gun, but for some reason couldn’t reach it. I braced myself for the worst. In a split second, someone reached behind me, pulled me back, and a shotgun was fired into the face of the zombie that was about to lunge at me. (I wake up)