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As I stated before, saving money has been a BIG hit with us for the wedding planning process. The flower girl basket I had been eyeing was way out of my spending range. Not because it was $100, but because, honestly, I don’t make the kind of money required to spend $40 or $50 on a basket that was either going to get ripped or throw away because it held no other use. Since I wanted to invest some special, personal touches into the wedding, I kept inspecting the basket that held all my Valentine’s Day gifts like a private investigator, (seriously…I stared at that thing for 30 minutes at a time trying to figure out what I could do to it). I spent days researching DIY flower girl baskets, and each one I saw, I wasn’t sold on because I felt like it looked like a Home-Ec project. In all the time that came with staring at it I gathered this much information before I figured out what needed to be done with it:

It’s a basket
It’s wooden and woven strangely
It’s gold
Gold doesn’t fit our color scheme
I need to spray paint it.

So I took the first logical step, I went to Michael’s, found a color of pink that I felt best suited our needs, used the wooden box that our patio table came in, and sprayed the shit out of it. When it was all said and done, I looked at it. The color was flat. It didn’t look the way I thought it would. It wasn’t shiny at all. It was a disgusting pastel pink that made me think of a newborn’s bedroom. I was so incredibly disappointed. Why was this not working out? What else could I add to it? I played with ribbon, I took some silk flowers I had sitting around and tried to put them on there and came up with nothing.

Distraught I took it back to Michael’s. I thought “This is a craft store. Some one here HAS to have an opinion on what I could do.” I talked to 4 extremely uncreative and non-helpful employees before I finally went to the floral department and slumped onto the counter. The man working at the desk looked at me and said “what’s wrong honey?” Exasperated, I explained the situation and told him I was just over-all frustrated with what was going on with the basket. He examined it for a bit and then said, “You know what? Come with me. Let’s find some flowers for this.” Within 5 minutes, we added some silk flowers, ribbon, and greenery and I was sold. I picked up a sparkly top coat of spray paint and went home. Here’s the end result

So here’s my tip (followed by things you’ll need to make or recreate this basket) USE YOUR RESOURCES. If you’re having a creative block, go to a craft store and either walk the aisles or ask the floral arrangement desk for opinions, advice, or help. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. People work at service desks for a reason. In my despair of running out of ribbon for the millionth time while doing my invitations, I went to AC Moore, armed with a completed invitation and spoke with the woman working at the Floral desk. She helped me find ribbon that we thought “might look okay” and when I put them together with the ribbon she helped pick out, I realized it was actually the look I was hoping for in the first place. I went back and graciously thanked her and showed her the end result of what happened with the ribbon we thought was mediocre.

Now that I’ve gotten completely off topic here’s what you need.

  • A basket (you could find this ANYWHERE. I mean ANYWHERE. Go to Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Pamida…You can find a wicker basket with a handle for relatively cheap just about anywhere)
  • Tarp or box to spray paint on (or your driveway if you don’t care that much)
  • Spray paint, your choice of color.
  • Sparkly top coat of spray paint (if you want it
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue
  • 3 large gerber daisy stems
  • Stem of greenery
  • Ribbon (thickness and color of your choice)

Spray paint the basket and let it dry over night. If you need to do a second layer (and chances are you will) apply then next day, and let it dry. Apply your sparkly coat the next day (if you choose to do this.) Figure out where and how you want the flowers to be on the basket, cut the stems off close to the basket, and apply hot glue to secure them in place. The problem I encountered was getting them to stay 100% even after I glued them in place, SO, I wrapped the area in the floral wire. Wrap the greenery around the area how you’d like for it to sit so that it’s covering the wire, and glue in place. For the finishing touch, tie your ribbon on and glue it in place. Check it the following day to make sure that nothing has detached itself from the basket. You’re done.

Total cost (for me): $10

I wanted something that my flower girl could have that I didn’t have to worry about it getting tattered or destroyed. Kids will be kids and they will use these things in their playtime. While I’d be disappointed if it got broken, I wouldn’t mind as much as I would if I had spent $40 on it. It’s sentimental and it’s a personal touch! I sent a picture we’re almost certain my cousin will love it. Let’s face it though, what girl doesn’t love anything that has flowers or sparkles in it?