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Er….maybe…more for me, though. I said before that I was having a slumber party for my bridesmaids and me the night before the wedding. The reasoning behind this is to make sure that we were all in one place for the hair appointment the next day, because I rarely get to hang out with all of them at one time, I haven’t seen any of them in a while, and because there will be a ton of last minute crafts before the wedding. That aside, I wanted to make it fun since I will be providing food, drinks, and giving them their maids gifts that night.

A while ago, I found this wonderful idea for sleep mask invites. Go here to view them. I fiddled around with the idea of making the outline myself, but I can’t draw worth a damn. I did some Google-ing and found this:

Feel free to steal the image…really. It might save you some Google time.

So I went from there. It took me 2 days to figure out what to do. It was an “ah-ha!” moment. I still had scrapbook paper left over. I have a ton of ribbon still. I also still had rhinestones left over from when I did the wedding invitations.

I got on The Print Shop, used the outline, added the invitation portion to it, and printed them off 2 per page on regular printer paper. I glued the whole paper to the back of a piece of scrap book paper and THEN cut it out. I figured this would be easiest and would save me some time. I punched a hole in each side, attached some ribbon, and put the first initial of each name on the prospective invites.

Total cost for me: $0 (because I still had this stuff left over)
Making them yourself without having any of the items: probably around $10

Here’s the result:

In all actuality you could use this pattern not just for a bridesmaids slumber party, but for a girl’s birthday party….which I think was the point of the blog I linked you to.

Anyhow, there ya go. Another idea, maybe not a money saving one, but one that will give you an opportunity to bond with your girls without the craziness of a bachelorette party.