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It’s a picture of how “well” my day went. First of all, I write to you this evening not from my laptop buy from my husband’s laptop…just to give you an idea.

I couldn’t sleep worth a damn last night so needless to say, I had a hard time getting up this morning. I was able to crawl out of bed, sleepy, cranky, and rarely hopeful for the day ahead. Regardless, I put on a smile, poured my coffee, and made my way to work.

Not one minute after I turned into the parking lot, I received a phone call from my husband that went a little something like this:

T:Uh, not to add to your stress or anything, but I got some bad news
Me: Oh, god…what happened?
T: uh…Sophie sort of…peed…on your lap top.
T: uh…she also peed on your crocheting
Me: OH MY FUCKING GOD! Does my lap top still work?
T: I think so…hold on (he checks) Well it turned on.
Me: good freaking god! GAH! That fucking piece of shit cat!
T: Hey Kelley….maybe we should get rid of her.

So started the shit storm. I got even more upset. I sent an angry text to the hubby, not aimed at him, just angry in general, asking him to call the vet. He called me back to tell me that my laptop was soaked. I asked him to check it again, and he reported that it wouldn’t turn on. So started the tears. He again suggested that we should get rid of the cat. I hung up with him after he tried to calm me down and it didn’t quite work. He needed to go to bed, I needed to cry in peace. I sat in my car for five minutes bawling. I picked myself up, and walked inside.

After going in, I started to get concerned that my associate wouldn’t show up since it was already past the time she needed to be there, and I wasn’t quite sure if she remembered that she needed to work at 8AM. I called her, and as soon as I hung up, there she was standing at the door.It was possibly the the most uplifting thing about my day. She later said to me, without me explaining why I was having a bad day, “A day above ground is a good one. Remember that, Kelley.” That made me feel a little better considering the circumstances, you know, the time of year and all. ANYWAY, after that I found something I’m not entirely sure I was supposed to see, I couldn’t get more than one of the documents that I needed to print, found out, almost too late, that I needed to go make a deposit at the bank, realized I didn’t have any cigarettes left, and when we got back from the bank, somehow my coffee fell off the counter and splattered all over the floor my associate had just mopped, I cried even more. My only source of caffeine and only way to keep myself remotely agreeable for the rest of the morning, was lying in sporadic puddle on the floor. I stepped into the back about four times to cry, unbeknownst to my associate and assistant manager.

The reason for the tears, however, was not the little things that kept going wrong, it was 2 really big things. The second biggest issue was my laptop. EVERYTHING is on my laptop. Pictures, contracts, wedding stuff, pictures that haven’t been downloaded/uploaded. All sorts of shit. I’m upset about that, but hopeful the computer repair shop can pull my hard drive and get all my…everything…off my computer.

The biggest reason for my tears was the prospect of getting rid of Sophie. I frankly don’t give a shit how stupid it sounds to any of you. I understand she’s just a cat. She’s just a pet. I get it. The thing is, I started thinking about the fact that I owe her everything. I told you all before the story of how I came across miss Sophie Ann. It was cold, really cold. Below zero type of cold. She was a stray. She was skinny and hungry and just wanted love. I couldn’t bear it anymore so I took her in. What got me was this: if I had ignored her, if I had just left her in the cold, she would have stayed outside, scavenging for food, and probably would have died. She was being fed by neighbors, but she needed more than that. She needed a home. She was still a kitten and she already had frostbite on her ears.

How could you turn your back on a creature like that? I know she’s ruined my laptop, I know she has peed on my crocheting, but even through all of that I’d rather find a solution to it than give her up. I can’t get rid of her. She’s a part of me. She’s done things that under normal circumstances would result in any person giving their pet away, but I’m not a normal person. I can’t justify taking her to a shelter when I’ve invested so much time into her; when I took her in, out of the cold, and nursed her back to health. The thought of her going to a home where she won’t get the love and attention she deserves kills me. Even more so, the thought of her leaving that home for a pound and being put down because no one will adopt her, kills me even more. She deserves a good life. She’s been uprooted four times. She doesn’t need to be uprooted again.

I was talking to my mother while I was awaiting the doctor, and told her I had learned that when a cat rubs against something, including a person, they are marking it as theirs. It’s their territory. When I first encountered Miss Sophie, she did this to me. She rubbed against my legs, she jumped in my lap, she rubbed against my chest, she purred, she nuzzled. She claimed me. I was hers. (Just explaining this I’m getting emotional) Sitting in the vet office, after sobbing to the vet about how I was at my wits end but couldn’t get myself to give her away, Sophie climbed out of her kennel and proceeded to rub against my legs. She jumped in my lap and curled up the way she used to when she was a kitten. She reminded me why I loved her so. I explained to the vet what had happened, explained that whenever I was upset, crying, or sick, she would coddle me in her own special way. I told her that sitting there waiting for her she did just that. She sensed something was wrong. I think she knew she had screwed up. Long story short (oops…too late), the vet gave me some ideas and some medication for her just in case her UTI hadn’t cleared. The way I explained it to the hubby went a little something like this: She is mine. I am hers. So again, how can you abandon that? How can you turn your back on an unconditional love. I’m the closest to a mother she’s known since her owners threw her out in the cold. As I sit here typing, she’s rubbing against my ankles. She is now confined to my office with her food and two litter boxes in hopes of retraining her to use the litter box. Hopefully something works. She can’t leave me. I can’t leave her.

MOVING ON. After the vet appointment, I dropped her off at the house, grabbed a dress to return, my laptop so I could take it to Best Buy, and left the house again. I cancelled my crochet group so I could get this stuff done and because I was pretty positive I wouldn’t make good company tonight. Best Buy was my first stop. I walked in, walked over to the Geek Squad counter and the following ensued:

me: I have a question. I have had a bad day and I desperately need some good news (insert smile)
associate: Okay…what can I help you with?
me: My computer doesn’t work. I need to know if it’s covered through my protection plan from when my parents purchased it.
A: what happened?
me: it got wet
A: how’d it get wet
me: (slight awkward laugh) well…my cat urinated on it. (cat currently has UTI)
A: (laughed at me) Well it’s not going to cover that.
me: is there anything you can do? Can you pull the hard drive? Something? All of my stuff is on here. All of my wedding stuff is on here. EVERYTHING is on here.
A: (laugh again) Just because your cat decided to use the bathroom on your computer doesn’t mean I’m going to help you. That sucks. Sorry.
Me: (astonished…starting to get irritated) There has to be something you can do. I just need some help. Point me in a direction.
A: (rolls eyes) *sigh* where did you buy it?
me: it was purchased in Rapid City, South Dakota.
A: (sarcastically) well that doesn’t help me. I need a number.
Me: (gave him the number for the Best Buy store in Rapid)
A: It’s not popping up. Sorry (started to walk away)
Me: uh…Can you look it up somehow? Rapid City, South Dakota.
A: (sarcasm again) Ma’am, listen. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t know what to tell you.
Me; I just need you to point me in the direction of someone ANYONE that can help me. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING is on this computer.
A: Well you could take it to the computer repair shop I guess. It’s in the shopping center over that way.
Me: Okay. Thank you.
A: Just don’t tell them what happened to it *muffled* that was a stupid thing to do
Me: Excuse me?
A: I’m just saying.
Me: so basically you’re telling me that if I hadn’t told you what had happened with my computer, you would have helped me?
A: well…pretty much. I could have taken it and sent it in, but they would have run tests on the liquid and it would have come back as something other than coffee, tea, or water, and you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. But yes, I would have taken it. Just because your cat decided to urinate on your computer doesn’t mean I have any right to fix it.

He then walked away. I stood at that counter for a couple more minutes, waiting for him to return because I, stupidly, thought he was trying to further assist me, but he came back out of the back room, he saw me, rolled his eyes at me and walked the other way. I proceeded to stand up straight, completely pissed off while the other associates stared at me. I furiously zipped up my laptop bag and walk out of the store. Save for two times I’ve been in that store, I haven’t been helped properly. I’ve been met with sarcasm, laziness, and them outright ignoring me. I’m talking, I walk in, they see me, and they turn around and walk in the other direction type of ignoring me. The only two times I’ve actually been helped was when the hubby and I bought our washer and dryer and when I went and bought our digital camcorder. This was the last straw for me.

After telling my mother what had happened, she got online and talked to the Geek Squad through an online chat on bestbuy.com, and within 5 minutes they were able to pull up my warranty and find out if I was still covered. FIVE FREAKIN MINUTES it took him to pull this shit up and the guy in the store “couldn’t find it” because he couldn’t locate the Rapid City store on his computer. She offered to call corporate or send them a “nasty email” and as grateful as I was to her for her help, I told her no. I’m a big girl, I can handle it myself, it happened to me, and it would be better coming from me since I was actually involved. I got online and tried to send an e-mail and it didn’t work, so I just called the corporate office. I didn’t want to mess with the manager of the store because…well I just didn’t. I explained to the lady on the phone that I wasn’t looking for a handout, I didn’t want anything for free, and I didn’t want any coupons. I simply wanted to explain to her what happened so it could be communicated to the store that they probably lost a customer because their Geek Squad agents are incompetent assholes.

The tip of the iceberg was when he laughed at me. He flat out laughed at me, like it was my fault it happened. It was a “you’re an idiot” laugh. I told the customer relations lady that his whole attitude was unprofessional, that he made me feel like it was my fault that cat peed on it, and he more rubbed it in my face than actually tried to help me. She interrupted me at one point saying “wait, wait wait. Now, hold on a second. Did he even answer ANY of your questions or did he just act like an ass the whole time?” I told her “No, not really. He just rubbed it in my face the whole time I was attempting to communicate with him. The most he gave me was ‘well you could try the computer repair shop I guess.’ The man called me stupid. I’m pretty sure actually giving me anything constructive was the last thing on his list.” In the middle of me telling this story to my hubby, I had to interrupt him from calling the store to tell him I had already contacted the corporate office.

I did tell the woman that while I’ve only ever made one complaint before, so I NEVER do this, I could honestly be doing this because I’ve had a shitty day, but it just all seemed a little off to me to let it go unnoticed. I told her that I’ve worked customer service for years and no matter how bad of a day you’re having, like mine for example, you still put on a smile, explain policy, and help out the best you can. I don’t give a shit if he was supposed to get off work in five minutes or if he just got there. His job is to assist customers and he did the exact opposite. My point was and still is, he was sarcastic, rude, and one of the most unhelpful employees I have ever encountered. The woman on the phone said that it’s probably a good thing I brought it to their attention because who’s to say that 10, 15, or 20 other people didn’t have the same problem with the store or this associate in particular and didn’t report it. I was assured it would be handled accordingly. At current I’m trying to locate the Best Buy that’s in Summerville so I can make sure I don’t ever go back to the one on Rivers ever again. Too many times I’ve gone in there and either witnessed associates fighting with each other on the floor (I mean fighting…calling each other names, cussing, and yelling type of fighting) and I’ve been treated rudely. The biggest reason I continued to go back there was because I didn’t know there was another one close by and I knew where this one was. I didn’t need to go searching for a store in a place I’d never been. I wanted needed someone to know what was going on.

Did I overreact? I guess it’s too late now.