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Really…double U, tee, eff

So the story goes, at first I wanted to do skeleton keys for a guest favor from an Etsy shop. She wanted $200. That went out the window. I continued to search for guest favors because I wanted to do something a little different since each aspect of our wedding screams “this is us…we did this ourselves.” I thought of doing candles, coasters, candy, or nothing at all. The thing is, I want to do SOMETHING because I know it’s customary, and I wanted to let my guests know that I was thankful they were there…without spending a god awful amount of money.

Later on, I found a recipe for “Berry White Tea” favors. I though “OOH! I could make some tea bags, get some cheap-o tea cups, and honey sticks! Perfect!” Here’s the issue with this: while it’s a neat idea, it’s cute, I would LOVE to do it, by the time I buy enough to give each of my guests their own tea bags, their own tea-cup, and 2 honey sticks a piece, I will have probably spent the same if not more than what was requested for the skeleton keys.

I sat here and sighed to myself, shaking my head at each and every favor idea I saw on The Knot, until I saw a link that said “fall wedding favor ideas.” As a last attempt, since I was on the verge of just buying some cheap ass flavorless candy and lame aluminum tins, I figured “what the hell, let’s just see what they have”

Two items on the list were apple butter and candied pecans. Hm…here are the facts:
I can bake
I don’t have to worry about making multiples for each guest
This is probably 90% cheaper
The only thing that’s going to cost some money is the jars


I spoke with my mother and told her the situation. Every time I talk about guest favors she tries to talk me out of it. The hubby doesn’t want to do guest favors. I’m holding my ground on this. I want my guests to know our appreciation for coming out to our wedding when we’ve taken the time to plan it and include them. They were invited because they are important parts of our lives. They’re traveling from different states. I. Want. To. Do. It. The list consists of the following:

  1. Caramel apples
  2. Soy candles
  3. Autumnal Shaped Chocolates
  4. Mini Maple Syrup Bottles
  5. Apple Cider Mix
  6. Pumpkin Spice soaps
  7. Individual apple tarts
  8. Sunflower seeds
  9. Fresh candied pecans
  10. Apple Butter

Here’s my thinking on it.
1. Carmel apples while fun are going to be a little more expensive.
2. Soy candles, again something I love, would be expensive and I don’t have time to make each one…or the money to do it.
3. Unless I can make my own chocolate, find a mold, and do it for relatively cheap…not happening.
4. That’s weird, right? Maple syrup?
5. HOLY BALLS THAT CHEAP! I can probably go to the grocery store, buy the packets and attach them to whatever it is I’m doing haha!
6. Pumpkin spice soaps? hm….interesting….I like pumpkin spice lattes. I wouldn’t even know where to start with this. Where the hell would I even find it? I’m a little confused by this one. I feel like it’d be more like a decorative thing than to actually use it. And who the hell uses bar soap any more? Just a FYI I’m not knocking the idea because I think it’s a neat idea for like your bridesmaids if you’re doing a pampering theme for their gifts, but I would feel weird giving my male guests such a girly scent.
7. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah. fucking. right. Not only would this be me either slaving away in the kitchen crying over dough not rising, apples not being cooked, or the fact that I just sliced my finger or me plucking dollar bills off of the money tree in the back yard, it would be in-fuckng-sane for me to think I could pull this off in time, on my own, the night before the wedding. No thank you.
8. While I enjoy sunflower seeds, I hate the mess. I can’t imagine how “grateful” the parents would be for me giving their children sunflower seeds to make a massive mess with. No thank you.
9. (this is where I got intrigued) I make a shit load of candy during the Christmas season. I mean, I’m up at 8 am, baking all day, packaging it up to the correct people, and then in bed at 2 am. I can do these easy…found a recipe here. Seriously, how freakin’ easy is that!?
10. Oh. Em. Gee. YES!

I can’t give you a specific recipe for the apple butter since I haven’t found one yet that I’m ready to stick to. I have 3 in mind at the moment.

Point being, the only thing I’m really spending money on is the jars. I can make a big freakin’ batch of this shit and separate it up between all the jars. I no longer have to worry about multiple favors for each family instead I can just give one per family and they can share. I’m going to make an insanely large amount of candied pecans, and split them up with the apple butter jars, and attach an apple cider mix with each one. Add a little tag that says “Falling in love” or some such nonsense. Once I get everything set in stone, I’ll give an estimate of money I spent and step by step whatever.

This is another clear case of me forgetting about my talents and how I can use them to my advantage. It’s also another way for me to make our wedding a little more intimate.