Quite literally in fact. Our wedding day is tomorrow. I managed to give all their bridesmaids their gifts, which i’ll upload later, make the apple butter, buy tea, print programs, and get pretty much everything done. None of this would have been possible without the help of my parents, but the fact of the matter is, I did a lot of money cutting even though we ended up spending a good chunk of change on this wedding.

When L made our programs we were going to just print them from home, but after talking with my sisters we realized it would be a whole hell of a lot cheaper to get them printed at Office Max than to buy ink and paper. I ended up spending $70 on programs as opposed to $150. We bought off brand of Crystal Lite to put on the tables instead of having punch.

My sister found some little containers at the dollar store for the apple butter favors. She spent maybe $30 on those as opposed to us buying jars from Michael’s at $20 a box. We WERE going to put bread and apple cider with the containers, but after looking at prices, we cut out the bread and opted for tea instead of cider. That right there probably saved us $100. Cider is a lot more expensive than I thought. I can honestly say I am 100% satisfied with everything. We had our mishaps like any wedding, but I do believe our bachelor and bachelorette parties loosened us up quite a bit.

I am so unbelievably and utterly prepared to get this done. I am all sorts of focused to make paper airplanes, gather the guest favors together, and make cupcakes. We ended up getting more RSVP’s than what we thought we would so instead of getting a bigger cake, we’re making cupcakes.

Oh the excitement! Let’s get this done! 🙂