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Hey folks! I’m aware it’s been a while. We got so caught up with the wedding stuff that nothing happened for us for a month or so! The wedding was a success. it turned out beautifully!

Anyway, here it is.

For months, I listened to my husband tell me I had too many clothes. I had too many pairs of jeans. he always told me that I had way more than he did. I offered to buy him clothes given my discount at American Eagle, but he declined. He was happy with having as little clothes as he did. He complained ever so slightly when my clothes took up a majority of the tiny closet space we had when we moved into our house, and seceded his closet space in the bedroom for the closet space in his office. (which by the way, he also filled up).

Now, granted this may be true. I do have A LOT of clothes, but I managed to weed out a lot of stuff before we moved to SC, and I’ve actually gotten rid of some items since we’ve moved here. Since I’ve lost a little weight, I’ve managed to get rid of much more. He was still insistent that I had more jeans than he. I currently have 4 pairs of jeans. One of which was acquired quite recently because, like I said, I’ve lost weight and didn’t really have a pair of jeans to fit. I now currently have two pairs of jeans that fit and two that I keep around because they’re my “lazy jeans.”

I did some laundry this morning, and much to my surprise, I discovered that my husband, in fact, is full of shit. As I was folding laundry and started to put things away, I noticed that I had folded at least five pairs of his jeans and two of mine. Two pairs of jeans that fit me, that I wear on a regular basis, and he has at least eight pairs of jeans that he wears. He tried to throw at me that he only wears two of those pairs, which I graciously threw back in his face how many I had folded this morning. I’m throwing the bullshit flag right now.

I still have clothes in my closet that I know I don’t wear enough to merit keeping. I know I can give them away or do something with them, but come on! Be on my side for a minute here. I feel totally vindicated right now, meanwhile, he’s trying to defend himself with some lame ass excuse like “but I don’t wear all of them.” Which is also a lie. LIES!

It’s not important. But know this! The next time he tries to tell me I don’t need another pair of jeans, I’m going to pull out every pair he has…and every gray sweater…and THEN he can tell me I don’t need to go shopping!

I think that he secretly likes clothes as much as I do and is just too afraid to admit it. Whatever you do, don’t listen to him when he tries to tell you differently.

God I love being right.