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I was watching “Once Upon A Time” yesterday and a commercial came on advertising for the “Words With Friends” board game. Out loud, and slightly outraged, I yelled “Good God people! If you want to play ‘Words With Friends’ in real-time, go buy a fucking Scrabble board! Seriously!? Are you kidding me with this shit right now!?”

I mean, in a sense, I understand it. It’s a popular game for smartphones so why not make it into a board game, but come the fuck on! I keep seeing shit about how this generation, sadly my generation, is spoiled. We ruined things like MTV, we lack actual social interaction, etc. I mean it’s a step in the right direction, getting people together to play a game they usually play on their phones, but I just don’t understand this. THIS is why we continue to do what we do; because you assholes are catering to us! You probably sat in a room and said “They are going to eat this shit up!” and then laughed maniacally as Scrabble sat in a corner and cried.

Why for the love of all that is holy would I go out and spend MORE money on a board game that’s been around for YEARS when I can buy the original game for $5 – $20 cheaper? It’s even set up the same way as a scrabble board. Oh, sorry, it has differently colors. No, but seriously…take a look at these two links: Words with Friends here and Scrabble here. Same game, different name, different colors, but you play it the same fucking way. The regular, non-fancy Scrabble board costs less than the Words with Friends game. So why buy it? Are we that snobbish. Is Scrabble “old”? They also make “Draw Something” as a board game. IT’S CALLED PICTIONARY PEOPLE! Next thing we know Zynga will be putting its trademark on poker and Scattergories.

I have to admit, when I got my iPod back in December, I downloaded Words with Friends after realizing that 1. all my friends had it and 2. the Scrabble app really wasn’t all that great. That’s fine though, because my parents had a Scrabble board and we always hung out so we could play “Words” in real-time any time we wanted. And we did. We played the shit out of some scrabble. All the time.

Are we that disconnected that we can’t have a simple, human interaction without a reference to a smart phone app? I really just don’t get it, and I think Scrabble should sue their happy little asses off and make sure that the world knows they were there first. It’s not even like I can sit here and say “Maybe I’m just getting old” because this is my fucking generation playing this shit. These are my people, and as much as I loathe that fact, it doesn’t make it any less true. I understand it’s just a game and it doesn’t matter THAT much, but it still gets my panties in a twist.

Maybe it’s because I’m watching my childhood get raped and beaten to a bloody pulp by people who want to cater to the snobbish, name-branded kids of this era instead of reintroducing them to things they probably already have. I don’t want my future kids to grow up thinking “this game exists because it was first a smart phone app” when it wasn’t. I’m not just talking about “Words” or “Draw Something”, I’m talking about anything and everything. I don’t want my kids to think that a flashlight exists in real-time because the makers of the smartphones decided to create an app that uses the flash on your phone for a light. (I know that’s a stretch but follow my thought process here.) There are too many things in this world they need to see before they start relying on technology.

I’m going to be strict as hell when it comes to computer, TV  and cell phones. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating and I’m glad the hubby is on the same page as me. They won’t get a cell phone until they are teenagers, and when they do they won’t have texting and their phones will be programmed with only certain numbers. They will be limited on computer game play and watching TV. They will play outside, they will play board games, they will grow up playing with a Super Nintendo and NES, and they will know the real Zelda and the real Mario.

I may very well be on a “fuck technology” rant all day now. We survived once without technology, so why the hell are we so dependent on it now? People suck.