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Okay, so I’m not 100% sure why this is getting on my nerves SO DAMN MUCH but seriously, the madness needs to stop.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have signed someone up for a rewards card that didn’t know what a mailing address was. These people are usually born after 1992. The conversation that I got into today went as follows:

Me: what’s your mailing address?
customer: oh it’s (she starts to give me her e-mail address)
Me: No. you’re mailing address
customer: (she smiles and gives me a look like I’m stupid) yeah it’s (proceeds to rattle off her e-mail address)
Me: You’re misunderstanding me. Where do you get your mail
customer: I just told you
Me: You gave me your e-mail address. I need your mailing address
customer: I guess I don’t understand what you want.
Me: your MAILING address. Where do you live?
customer: oh! here in Charleston
Me: Great. Where do you receive mail? Is it a PO box or a street address?
customer: (gives me a confused look) at (gives me e-mail address again)
Me: (frustrated) No. what street do you live on?
customer: (long pause) uh….
me: What street is your house on?
customer: Oh! (rattles of street name)
Me: What’s the number?
customer: (gives me phone number)
me: (I take a deep breath) The number on your house. (she tells me) okay, what’s your zip code? (customer rattles off area code) no, your zip code. (rattles off area code again) No your zip code? Mine for instance is ____. The one for this area is ____. so what is your zip code. (she gives me a blank stare for a moment, then slowly starts to give me her zip code as if she’s unsure if she’s giving me the correct one)

Now, not every situation is THAT bad, but that is the third one I’ve encountered since I started working here. Just today, this happened to me 7 times. Seven times I had to prompt someone to give me a mailing address and not an e-mail address. If you asked me how many times this happens to me a week, I couldn’t give you a number. It angers me to the point that I want to shake these kids and ask them how the hell they don’t know what a mailing address is. I mean seriously, this can’t be the parent’s fault. This all goes back to the technology thing. What ever happened to personal letters? I still get mail. I still send mail. I still have a magazine subscription.

HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!?!? SERIOUSLY! This girl that this particular conversation happened with was born in 1993. That means she is nearing 20. How in God’s name can you be almost 20 and not know where the fuck you live? To me this means she 1. doesn’t have any bills, 2. still lives with her parents, 3. has never received a card, invitation, magazine, or junk mail, or 4. when she was in grade school she was never taught how to address an envelope. It could be a combination of a few, it could be all of them, or it could just simply be that she was never taught how to address something.

But still, how do you go 20 years and not learn something like that? This was something I was taught in 1st grade. There is no appreciation for a hand written anything anymore. I don’t even care if it’s typed. Put it in an envelope, fill it out and send it! Did these kids never do pen pals in grade school? I can’t even wrap my brain around this right now. Even if these kids grew up in the technology era, I still don’t know how they can not know how to give someone a mailing address. I am so outraged right now.

If they don’t know what a mailing address is, how do they know how to get anywhere? What would they do if an emergency happened, they called 911 and couldn’t give the operator their home address? How do you go 20 years and not send a single bill, package, card, or letter? Did the internet ruin everything for the younger generation? Will this all eventually blow over, or are we facing a situation that will eventually lead to millions of people being out of jobs. I don’t know about you, but I like getting my magazines and I’d rather not read my magazine from a device that needs to be plugged in, in order to read it. I like turning on my lamp and sitting on the couch with the open magazine resting on my knee and my fingers working quickly as I crochet. The one time I tried to read a pattern from my phone, I had to stop every 15 seconds to bring my phone back to life. It was a pain in the ass. And if you remember correctly, I hate the Kindle and all that it stands for, so that won’t be happening any time soon.

I am completely beside myself right now with disgust. It’s not that big of a thing and I’m aware of that, but if you keep up with my rantings, you’ll understand why I’m in such an uproar about such a small situation.

If you’re a teenager and you don’t know what a mailing address is refer to the image below and learn how to address a fucking envelope


If you don’t know you’re address, go outside, walk to the street corner, figure out what street your on, check out the number on your house and put two and two together.

If you’re a parent and you haven’t taught your child what their mailing address is and he/she is old enough to know and be able to write it down, be ashamed of yourself and your school system, then teach them.

Me? I’m going to turn down my anger level to a simmer instead of a boil and go have a beer…

In the mean time, if you don’t know your address or how to fill out an envelope, you’re an idiot.