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So after I wrote about my T.A.R.D.I.S. messenger bag I got a comment from a Miss Cymbria Wood nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award (nominees please click said link for rules). Thank you, Cymbria! I’m not quite sure what to do or what this means, but I’m assuming it’s not quite as glamorous as The Oscars.  Still, I’m flattered. Flattered to know that people read my rantings, random thoughts, and scribbles about my crafts. My blog is all over the place, but in my head filled with randomness it makes sense.

Rules state that I have to nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the next round. I thought, “Oy…I don’t even follow 15 people. That’s probably not good for my personal reader karma. I should get on that.” So, obviously, some research was needed. I needed to find some awesomeness hiding in some blogs that I didn’t even know existed. Now naturally, I am going to nominate my dear friend RenaExperimental WiferyA Crayon Eating Dinosaur, a blog that made my that outlook on the hubster deploying a little betterthis girl, whom I now love because she’s hilarious and her projects are awesome, A Nerd in The Kitchen, (because who doesn’t love that combination? I mean, really. Cooking AND nerding? come on…), Gen Y girl needs to be mentioned too, she has some neat ideas, since I love me some crafting, Knit The Hell OutInaccurate and Unreliable (heh heh…nice title), my friend Tiff and her brave battle on the way to babyAbsurdity always has some fun reads, Stuff I Had To Put SomewhereFibromy-Awesome hits close to home, I like what she says, The Middlest Sister in an adventure in paper comics about her childhood, and finally, Thoughts Appear.

Next on the list, I need to tell my nominator 7 things about myself…lord…I don’t know if I know 7 things about myself. I mean I do, because…I’m me…but…what do I say? What to say…what to say….

1. Hipsters piss me off. Seriously. They piss me off. The other day, for example, this girl comes through my line and as I’m ringing her up, a song by Modest Mouse comes on. This girl is 20 years old, she’s dressed VERY nicely, carrying a Coach purse and shopping bag, and has an iPhone. I then hear her say, “I used to listen to Modest Mouse, like, back in high school,” I looked at her quizzically thinking “So like 2 years ago?” and she continues to say “But now they’re, like, too main stream for me.” Um, excuse me, but, and correct me if I’m wrong here, Modest Mouse is the most non-mainstream thing about this entire sequence. I think we have some Pretentiousil in the back. Perhaps I could could recommend you take some so you can stop acting like a douche. It’s not just that though. It’s pretty much everything. Like the belt around the tiny waist of a girl with a TERRIBLE hair cut that I saw one day. The hair cut I could have forgiven because we’ve all gotten bad haircuts that we thought looked awesome, but then I saw the belt. The belt had the word “SWAG” written all over it. I wanted to knock her on the floor and scold her like a dog. “NO! NO! BAD TEENAGER! NO!!!!!”

moving on….

2. OMG I LOVE LOST! Still? Yes, still. I was actually just talking to my oldest sissy about this last night. I’m pretty positive I’ve watched all the seasons from start to finish 4 times….or more. I’m currently doing the same with Doctor Who (new Who not classic Who.) It becomes this whole different level of nerding that seems almost foreign. On another note, my hubby and I discussed last night, after I realized how excited I got talking about Once Upon A Time, about “what he did to me.” Which we decided he did nothing to me but give me “new avenues of expression” for the nerd that always lived inside me.

3. I kind of dig video games. I played the occasional video game before we met. It was usually something Mario oriented. After we got married, he introduced me to how awesome(ly frustrating) video games are. I started playing God of War, Silent Hill, Fable (not so impressed with that one), Mortal Kombat, and a few others. I’ve been a bad gamer recently, though. I’ve been much to preoccupied with crafting.

4. I advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, eating well, etc. However, I do have my moments, for example; I broke my foot and haven’t been to the gym in a month and a half, or done anything active. I know I could do weights (the machines not the free weights) but I just haven’t gone. I also have my moments that I eat nothing but junk all day and feel like a fake for preaching about healthy living. Also, I smoke…which makes me feel equally guilty. Smoking is not only disgusting, but it’s bad for your health. I want to quit, but it hasn’t happened. I’ll get there.

5. I get along REALLY well with my family…which is apparently weird to some people. I mean REALLY WELL. We’re the type of family that will turn Groundhog Day into a family gathering. Our Christmases consist of the following schedule: Christmas eve we get together and start making cinnamon rolls. We watch movies, play games, eat chili, play games, watch more movies, go to Mass, watch another movie, play more games, go to bed. Christmas Day our day starts at 7 or 8 AM, we eat cinnamon rolls, have coffee, open stockings, open presents, drink more coffee (and maybe have another cinnamon roll), explore our presents, play games, prepare dinner/lunch, play games, eat, play games, eat some more, pay more games, watch a movie, play games again. </end day> We will take any chance we get to make the dumbest holiday a huge family get together. A lot of people don’t quite understand why, I can’t explain it. We’re just really close. We like each other a lot.

6. My husband is awesome, and anyone that doesn’t enjoy his company is insane. He can be immature, but he’s a boy. Boys are supposed to be immature sometimes, but he’s a fun kind of immature. Even when he does things that annoy the hell out of me, I look back on it and think “that was kind of funny.” It’s pretty cool being married to your best friend. For our story, if you wish, you can read it here or here.

and finally:

7. I like to think I can make allthethings, but I get discouraged easily. However, as you could see from my awesome T.A.R.D.I.S bag, I was successful with that. I have so many ideas running through my brain on things I want to make, but I haven’t started half of them. I want to, though. Some day perhaps I will. I also like to think I can manage 1,259,756,896,432,679 projects at the same time…I can’t. My ADD starts running rampant and I get confused.

So that’s me. Or a little bit of me, anyway. Thanks again! And to my nominees, have fun!

Peace out, bitches.