The following will be things you should know…or do know…or don’t want to know…but I’m going to tell you anyway

The basics:
Hello all! My name is Kelley, and I am a military wife. My husband and I met in South Dakota. He was stationed at Ellsworth and was on leave from a recent deployment when we met through my dear friend Rena Nichole and her husband. My father was in the Navy and we moved to South Dakota when I was five. So generally when people ask where I’m from I just tell them South Dakota. I know my sisters might have a more difficult time explaining that since they’re older than me and they basically were military brats, but I spent almost 19 years in SD, and claim it as my home. Also, I’m a big Daddy’s Girl. Not the “daddy, buy me everything” daddy’s girl type, but the “I love my Daddy and he’s my best friend” type. I’ve been told that my opinionated point of view leads people to think I’m a huge bitch when I’m actually not. I’m just a huge smart ass. I have two dogs, a Corgi named Teemo and an American bulldog/pug mix named Luna (like Luna Lovegood), and a cat who is a huge bitch most of the time, but deep down I believe she’s a big softy. Her name is Sophisticat (or Sophie, or Sopapilla, or Sophie Cat, or Bitch). My favorite color is pink. The brighter the better. I love Angelina Jolie, and catch a bit of crap for it, but she’s possibly my favorite person. I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi stuff and video games. My husband has introduced me to the world of “nerding”. I was a bit of nerd before, but even more so now. My husband is my bestie, and I love him to pieces.

What I do:
Well I have a multitude of talents. I’d like to think I’m a pretty good cook. I clean, not often, but when I do I mean business. I’m pretty damn crafty with a crochet hook, and rather proud of all the things I’ve accomplished with it. I currently work in a retail establishment.

What I’d like to do:
I would love nothing more than to get a business degree and get a degree/certificate in massage therapy, and eventually work out of home. I want kids, I want to own our own home, and I would someday like to get myself a NEW car.  All things that I know will come with time.

The reason for this blog:
I wanted a place that I could vent my thoughts, provoke minds, and spark healthy debate. Whether it’s me voicing my opinion about various problems with the world, my thoughts on being a mil-spouse, or being able to show off my latest project, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love you to death. But you spelled my middle name wrong. LOL!


  2. ah shit….

  3. Where did you get your blog title image from? I can’t look at it without laughing.

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